press agency sweden, a partner to rely on

press agency sweden, your partner

Press Agency Sweden is an independent press agency and offers a service to press media, travel agencies and organisations outside of Sweden. We cover especially subjects concerning the Swedish culture, tourism, events and sports, even if we'll help you to get even local news of Sweden.

For us, news is not only something that already happened, news can be minor events today which announce a future sensation. We try to capture these events which can give you an advantage and insider information of Sweden. Evidently we cannot compete with the well known News Agencies in Sweden, but we hand you over impartial and reliable news, chosen or written only for you.
Press Agency Sweden is private and doesn't depend on any Swedish media house or publishing organisation, and we are free from any religious or political influence. If you want to know more about our work, drop us a line and get our answer in your mailbox. We will, however, make clear that we stand against racism and extremism, which includes that we don't work with any organisation which is part of en extreme movement.